Stringing words together to create a story, evoke emotion, or inspire a response is a deep love of mine. I long to write and connect with other hearts, but I didn't act upon that desire for a long time.

I delayed starting a blog because I felt I didn't have a message, a tribe, a cause. I believed my life was average, mundane, ordinary. And honestly, most days it is and I'm ok with that.  But, somehow my acceptance of my ordinary life became my disqualifier.  I reasoned that there are enough voices in this world and there was no place for mine.

Then one day, I realized that we all have some extra special days, but mostly we all pass each 24 hours in very ordinary ways. With all the messages and voices out there focusing on how to be better at a million different things, I thought it would be refreshing to remind ourselves that our best is enough and their is beauty in every ordinary moment. Maybe I could help others, help myself really, to quiet the impulse to be more and embrace the truth that ordinary is enough, that we are enough, and that God speaks to us in the beauty all around us. Speaks right  through the ordinary moments.

And in this realization, I started to write. 

Now for the bits about me. . .

I am married to my husband. I know, right? I could use “the love of my life” or “my best friend”, but husband is a powerful word. I am thankful everyday that I reside in the deepest places of his heart. “Only for Forever”, Harold!

I am a mother, step-mother, mother-in-law and grandmother. I’ve got a whole lot of mothering going on and I LOVE it! I am so honored to get to love them all. Each one of them holds qualities I wish to emulate.

We have a "well-blended" family of four girls, and I am amazed daily by the power of redemption. God is the master of making the broken whole. 

I was a teacher for 17 years. I left teaching to become an esthetician and owned and operated a day spa for 9 years. Along the way, I began to work on a Master's in Theology and completed my last semester of seminary in 2016. I have also volunteered at our state psychiatric hospital as a chaplain, speak at women events, and write articles for the Grace and Grit Project. This fall I will spend time at a retirement community and begin my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) journey toward board certification.

My heart. . .loves Jesus, loves people, hungers for truth, desires to help others, and deeply yearns to live a life that matters!

So here’s to our beautifully ordinary lives that are so filled with sacred moments!